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He claimed superstar's party will sweep the elections. Further, Gyaneshwar said a war will break out between India and Pakistan in Details: He even had a piece of advice for celebrity kids.

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Speaking about Aaradhya, Gyaneshwar said the star-kid has a promising career in politics and may even become PM one day. If only, she changed her name to Rohini. We wonder how Abhi and Ash feel about this. He advised Mukesh Ambani's son Akash to get married in as an alleged inauspicious period would come to an end.

Akash got engaged earlier this year. Looking back: Not the first time, astrologers predicted PM Modi's win. This simple fact should remind you to see that everything is in order now.

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  6. Agreement is vital, not to say essential, if you are to make any headway at home. It may well seem that you are getting your own way for a while, but without co-operation from others, pitfalls will lie in wait. Even at work, harmonious collaboration is a necessity — not a luxury.

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    Your next task is to work out a better solution to a financial conundrum. Extravagance can be a compensation for emotional loss. Everything in your universe is in an ongoing state of change, which means that new opportunities are constantly presenting themselves. If you feel uncertain about your home life and family relationships, that is an extremely good thing indeed.

    Kethu kicks up disagreements suddenly, so, he has only a few real friends. Sun relates to government, politics etc. While Saturn refers to profession, general public etc.

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    Venus also attains Vargottama status being similarly located in Leo in Navamsa chart too. What the future holds for Narendra Modi! Rahul Gandhi Horoscope Since December , he was under the spell of Sukra Venus dasa till almost end of followed by Ravi Sun dasa till end which was a powerful period for him since both of them relate to the 10th Karma house.

    Astrologers vs poll pundits: Whom should you believe this election season?

    Currently, Chandra Moon Dasa is operating in Narendra Modi's horoscope as per Vimshottari Dasa system from mid-July and it will end in June which is the Neechanhanga Raja Yoga period which has elevated to the position of a Prime Minister of India from a small time chai wala tea seller. From June onwards for 7 seven years, his Kuja Mars dasa will start which will show the real power and might of a king.

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    However, Mars happens to be in debilitation in Cancer in the Navamsa chart which could bring up problems for him. He should take care and avoid power going to his head.

    Astro calculations confirm Modi as PM again

    He can overcome this by ignoring his detractors and enemies. He has to be cautious between July to November with regard to his safety and security. Similarly, Moon-Mars-Rahu association trine shows attachment to mother and siblings. Rahu is the culprit at times bringing differences among them. Venus in 7th from Jupiter and the 7th lord Sun in 8th house a dusthana makes him a celibate even after marriage. The 2nd house from Jupiter has Rahu denoting lack of wealth or regular income.