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These will be times to get perspective and clarity on whichever situations in life seem to be zooming ahead, propelled by unseen forces. This is our moment of New Moon, with the day leading up to it starting sunset on Thursday known as amavasya, a word that implies that the power of the Moon has been worn down.

When we are able to rest and disengage during this time, it is a fortunate thing, as physical and mental energy may be low, increasing our vulnerability. This vulnerability and emptiness also creates a space for new seeds to be planted. October 1 we will see the Moon begin to wax, quickly moving along the chain of planets mentioned above. Virgo is the sign of the harvest maiden, so with both Sun and Jupiter currently located in Virgo, we may be inspired to learn new lessons from that which we have been growing and harvesting.

Jupiter's entire transit in Mercury's earth sign will encourage practical growth through learning. Hopefully this transit of Jupiter, the great teacher, will expand our knowledge of physical health and how it relates to diet and exercise, which of course extends to our food productions systems and the activity levels of daily life.

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After resuming direct motion on September 21, Mercury regains speed and makes haste into and out of his own earth sign of Virgo from October 3 — Mercury is very powerful while in Virgo as it is not only his own sign but also his sign of exaltation. Mercury is the only planet to have this distinction. Mercury joins Jupiter in Virgo, with the exact conjunction coming on October This short transit could be an excellent kick start to new educational programs with the eternal teacher Jupiter meeting the eternal student Mercury face-to-face.

We can all enjoy this burst of energy as Mercury moves through Virgo, even if we are not specifically geared toward education at this time. Other activities that this transit may inspire: harvest storing and distributing food, preparing earth for winter , learning new health routines, reinvigorating projects, significant transactions, long or short journeys. For the first part of October, we are enjoying Venus being placed in own sign of Libra, which has been in effect since September When Venus, planet that represents love, beauty and relationships is seated in both Libra and Taurus, we all can enjoy the flow that enlivens all things Venus.

This jump of Venus into Scorpio will break the flow of the graha malika necklace of planets temporarily from October 12 — 16, when Sun takes the place of Venus in Libra. While Venus in Libra has the opportunity to function gracefully, Venus in Scorpio enters into darker waters. Not only is the sign of Scorpio, ruled by Mars and Ketu combined, a place of intensity, especially for Venus who prefers gentle, peaceful environments but also Venus will be meeting with the great Saturn as she passes through.

The exact conjunction of Saturn and Venus comes on October While Saturn and Venus are known as natural friends, neither of them relishes the placement in Scorpio. The last time these two met in this sign was during November , just after Saturn entered Scorpio for its three-year transit. Mars was in Scorpio, while Sun and Mercury were in Libra, much like we are seeing in this current transit. Perhaps there will be echoes of events that occurred during that time that come around offering another chance at understanding.

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Venus' natural role as diplomat encourages us to soften and make compromises in order to keep the peace within relationships. This can be applied to personal interactions as well as to the conduct of nations.

Saturn represents the inevitable path of old age, disease, death and decay and generally leaves little room for negotiation on those matters. Scorpio's environment brings us to the depths of understanding, requiring that we have the courage to face darkness and the unknown. Ketu, as co-ruler, is depicted as a headless body, requiring understanding that comes through the body or intuition, rather than through the mind.

This transit of Venus may require us to gently confront the difficult situations in life so that we can take actions that push us toward our most graceful, understanding and selfless selves. This may require some sacrifice of comfort, at least temporarily, that Venus so relishes. As October reaches its halfway point, the Moon is waxing, moving past Ketu on October 13 and coming into fullness on the night of Saturday, October After so much shifting since August, including Jupiter moving signs and separating from Rahu, Mars moving away from Saturn and an eclipse pair, this full Moon that happens right at the gandanta point between Pisces and Aries seems to be a tipping point that may spill us all into a new set of circumstances as we inevitably move ahead in our paths.

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We talked last month about Mars moving through the gandanta knot between Scorpio and Sagittarius. This month it is the Moon that reflects the transformational opportunities of breaking through to another side or cycle of things. Mars will be aspecting the Moon from Sagittarius, as will Jupiter from Virgo, who is also the dispositor sign ruler of both Mars and the Moon during this time.

This could be a great time to listen carefully to trumpeting of the great Jupiter who guides us always toward the righteous path. Additionally, the nakshatra ruler of Revati, Mercury, also gazes at the Moon from Virgo during this time, in full strength and exaltation. This will be felt especially for a couple of days before this moment of full Moon. Moon enters Pisces on the evening of October Just hours after the moment of full Moon, the Moon moves to Aries on October 16, followed by the Sun entering Libra later that evening.

The Sun's sign of debilitation is Libra, which we can see physically as the Sun wanes in strength in the northern hemisphere during this time. Harvest is over, the golden wheat has been stored, and the Sun in Libra shows us shorter days and colder temperatures as we head toward winter solstice. Speaking of shuba kartari yoga, the Sun will enjoy an excellent squeeze between benefics during this transit until Venus moves out of Scorpio on November 6. With Venus on one side in Scorpio and Jupiter on the other in Virgo, the Sun, king of the self placed in the sign of the other, is debilitated but beautifully supported.

This could mean a great stretch of learning within relationships about how to remain a strong individual in the face of that Venus requirement of compromise. Not surprising if this is the day we take a hit to our ego in some way!

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When planets are combust, they are sharing an orb of influence with the Sun, the brightest of the planets that we consider in jyotisha. The voice of the planet gets somewhat absorbed in the bright rays of the Sun, so that planet's effects get bundled in with the Sun's. Incoming debts will constantly be the way of life for the person, suffering from diseases of the ear, deprived of good siblings , engaged in cruelity and sins , indecent in speech and work like a menial.

The person is kind-hearted, virtuous , learned, blessed with a spouse and children, morally sound, versed in sacred scriptures , owns lands , enjoys prosperity and lives up to 81 years. The person has the authority to discipline or punish. The person is kind-hearted, virtuous , learned, blessed with a spouse and children, morally sound, versed in sacred scriptures, owns lands, enjoys prosperity and lives up to 81 years.

The person is of a royal bearing, of a noble birth, well behaved, bereft of danger and disease, blessed with wealth and worldly comforts , as well as with a spouse, children and fame. The person is good in looks , virtuous , very wealthy, owns vast lands , learned, and illustrious king, widely renowned, blessed with numerous spouses , and children. The person is pleasant to look at, liberal, widely renowned, of blameless character, lord of lands , a king or equivalent to king. The person is blessed with all feminine qualities , and virtues , graceful, good fortune, good character, lots of wealth, and progeny.

The person will be a beggar. The person will be fond of begging. The persons deeds or efforts will bear fruit. The person deals with drinks , earthen jars , crude instruments and women. There is disobedience to the mother.

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This is a combination for good earnings and accumulation of wealth, although the means to achieve these ends may not necessarily be legitimate,or be appealing to the base-needs of men, unless this configuration achieves an aspect from Guru. Equal to king, commanding several elephants and horses vehicles , wealthy. A wealthy king, devoted to his parents , aggressive, resolute, unsympathetic, virtuous.

Valorous , ruler, wealthy, sickly, surrounded by brave men. Liberal, ruler of several countries , charitable and wealthy. Generally poor, occasionally getting wealth and comforts , greedy. Long-lived, a king, associating with several wives spouses?