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Sagittarius' restless nature can make Leo feel insecure, but Leo shouldn't worry that restlessness means Sagittarius will cheat.

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It just means that Sagittarius doesn't like to feel caged in, and doesn't like it when things become boring or predictable. Sagittarius is always looking to the future and sometimes may not give Leo all the attention Leo needs. Overall, this relationship is quite compatible; it'll probably start fast and last for the long-term. Sagittarius — Virgo: This can be a very challenging Sagittarius love match. It's likely to start fast and then hit a mountain.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius – Love, Life and Sex Compatibility

The strengths of this zodiac match are that you both seek to learn from your relationship and are willing to talk through things, but as much as Sagittarius is the sign of the philosopher, Virgo's talks might tend towards too much practicality — something that can bore Sagittarius. Virgo focuses on the details of the relationship, while Sagittarius prefers the big picture.

This can lead to conflicts between you. You can also disagree about finances since Virgo prefers to save for a rainy day and Sagittarius doesn't believe a rainy day will come. Sagittarius needs to feel that the relationship is going somewhere, and have a sense of freedom, while Virgo wants stability and security. Sagittarius — Libra: Libra and Sagittarius can find love compatibility together, and will truly appreciate one another.

However, Sagittarius' love of freedom can be daunting for Libra. Sagittarius is all about action which can conflict with Libra's desire to think things through. Sagittarius tends to be blunt and brutally honest, which can hurt Libra's feelings. Libra likes to spend a lot of time thinking things through before making a decision, while Sagittarius prefers to leap and deal with the consequences later. However, Sagittarius and Libra do have common interests and should have many good conversations. You can experience a relationship filled with fun and laughter together.

Sagittarius — Scorpio: This Sagittarius love match can be both difficult and rewarding. Scorpio and Sagittarius express love very differently which can lead to confusion and misunderstanding. Scorpio is intense in love with deep passions and emotions.

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While Sagittarius has the intensity that comes from being a fire sign, Sagittarius is intense in the moment. Also, Sagittarius may not give Scorpio as much affection as Scorpio desires, while Scorpio's possessiveness can make Sagittarius feel trapped in a cage.

3 Best Compatibility Matches for Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius can provide Scorpio with the variety Scorpio needs, and Sagittarius will enjoy Scorpio's intelligence. Both partners need to be understanding and aware of each other's needs for this to be successful. Sagittarius — Sagittarius: This is a fantastic Sagittarius love match! When it comes to love, your needs and approaches are the same.

You both want relationships that give you an opportunity to grow and learn. You both enjoy adventure and laughter. You're both optimistic dreamers who have a similar need for freedom.

You can have a lot of fun together. Your Sagittarius love compatibility allows you to have a fun, loving relationship combined with a great friendship. Sagittarius — Capricorn: This can be a challenging Sagittarius love match.

Sagittarius compatibility table

You have different needs and approaches in love. Sagittarius tends to jump in head first, while Capricorn is cautious and thinks things through.

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However, once Capricorn commits, they're there for the long-term. The problem that can arise is that Capricorn likes to plan things because it gives Capricorn security, while Sagittarius prefers to see what happens because it gives Sagittarius a sense of freedom. Sagittarius — Aquarius: This Sagittarius love match is quite compatible, but will require some work to be successful. Aquarius and Sagittarius have an equal love for freedom and growth in relationships. They both value individuality and aren't likely to make either of you feel caged in. However, Sagittarius is impulsive and emotional in matters of the heart, while Aquarius is calm and detached. Sagittarius tends to react to things quickly, while Aquarius analyzes everything before acting. This can cause Sagittarius to feel impatient and bored.

However, if the two of you can overcome this, you should have a successful relationship that never falls into a rut. Sagittarius — Pisces: This is a challenging Sagittarius love match filled with commonality and differences. You both look for the best in others, but you take a different approach to love.


Sag are also not particularly good at monogamy and usually have a lot of opportunity to cheat, given their globe-trotting lifestyle. They probably need to work out the ground rules before entering into a commitment. Sag is a mutable sign — spontaneous and change-embracing. On the down side this means decisions are hard to make and projects remain uncompleted.

Even Sag recognizes that adventures require budgeting and planning skills. Sag are happy people and they want to make loved ones happy — expect surprise gifts and lots of ego boosting. They like playing games in bed — think dress-ups and dirty story telling and often break into fits of laughter if things get too intense or soppy.

Like two puppies, love making often starts with wrestling, biting and chasing each other around the house. Sag are madcap lovers who make sexy times hilarious. But sometimes the planets align, Sag find themselves in a tacky wedding chapel in Vegas and spontaneity just takes over. As a married couple Sag are somewhat unorthodox — often living in separate houses or countries, to follow careers and maintain independence. Some pull this off successfully and relish the breathlessness of re-connecting after time spent apart, whilst others simply drift apart.

Children are not high on the radar as they are seen as life-style inhibitor, but accidents do happen and if offspring ensue expect a happy, home-schooled, nomadic life with the world as a classroom. Where they may encounter turbulence… Sag couples who have a long-distance relationship often forget to spend time nurturing their back-home partner and things just fizzle out.