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Specific Pluto aspects can describe surrounding circumstances such as cause of death. The big thing you've missed is that Venus and Jupiter are among the most common planets for one's own death. Numerous researchers have seen this.

Traditional Astrology of Death | Elizabeth Taylor

I first noticed it at the end of long illnesses: For example, with cancer a typical pattern is that Pluto and Neptune wear heavily through the illness Pluto for having a lot of time to dwell on things, Neptune for the wasting and weakening and often chemo etc. But besides those, Jupiter especially and Venus secondarily is common for death - some excellent investigators like Dennis Elwell have gone so far as to consider it the primary planet of death itself! The basis of this is observation, but there has been a lot of discussion in the astrological preses over the last 70 years or so about the "why.

Jim Eshelman www. They just show the nature of the experience through which one is passing. Thats been a dream of mankind for ages.

The Astrology of Death: Transit Indicators in the Birth Chart

Imo There is nothing simple at all about death. It has layers and facets and aspects and angles unlimited. Each death Like each each life Is unique and individual. And from what I understand about Nature, the minute you think you have it pegged, it will throw you a curve ball. Scientists even have a hard time defining and identifing what constitutes dead. When the last breathe? When the heartbeat? When the brain?

Energy only changes form. IMO Venus is misunderstood in its role in life and death. Venus and Jupiter don't do that.

What It Means When Pluto Transits to the Sun

Venus and Jupiter can weaken the body in ways that can kill you. People die from a broken heart. Saturn ———P. He had a choice as to how he responded. Instead of a mature Saturn response, he went into his rebellious teenage temper tantrum Uranus and did his Ego trip thing.

It got him killed, as a result. Saturn is also about physical manifestation; something occurring in real time in our lives. Saturn helped ground the issue. Saturn ————-P.

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This midpoint structure has Vulcanus volcanic and the nodes north and south sitting in the middle of the planetary picture. Natal Saturn is on one side and progressed Pluto, on the other side. The explosion, however, is defined. What does this mean? It means instead of having a Nodal energy of 1, it is exacerbated to a It means that connections, either new connections north or dissolving of old connections south were highly emphasized in his chart that night.

Or creating boundaries within which to operate. It is about restrictions. Pluto is about transformation. The guy was childish and wanted to get even with the spouse.

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Pluto transformed him because he failed to act appropriately instead of doing it to kill his wife. What was his choice? Of course, breaking down creates a break through, too. Maybe not the one you and I would have chosen—but we get choices thrown at us 24 hours a day, days a year. He chose to transform the situation by leaving it and her —permanently. Of course, he could have broken it up Nodes and Saturn permanently by making some transformative changes Pluto with his wife and their marriage. Vulcanus was asking him to transform Pluto the relationship Node for good Saturn and put it on a new and better footing.

He chose another expression of it: blowing up Vulcanus , and transforming Pluto himself and his wife with finality Saturn by driving the jeep off the cliff. Whether they handle it appropriately or not is the real question. It did involve his love life Venus and instead of using Mars as a directed energy of change such as agreeing to a divorce, he chose to mirror the raging anger aspect of it instead Mars. Ascendant N. Mars ———N. The ascendant mirrors the people around us and in our life, in general.

With Mars and Pluto involved, this is showing us that someone around him in this case his wife is asking him to make some changes in himself. The question is: will he? And how? Whatever his wife said to him, triggered him in such a way that he made several very bad choices down the line that got them both killed. Pluto N. Hades ——N. This young man came in and set up this situation; this tension between his natal Saturn and Pluto to see if he could master, overcome and work through it in a more mature and constructive way this time.

Or, he was way off his life track that his soul wanted to learn, and was opting out early because there was no way to get back on track, at least in this life time. Or, he was a young soul learning about the destructive nature of anger and how it could harm others. Only when he died and watched his life move by him, would he get it. Many possibilities are presented with this configuration. When we judge others, we literally freeze our own ability to grow, too.

DEATH - Solunars

We all own this in one way or another. Whatever it is, you lie in bed with it. Saturn-Pluto is about to make a powerful, slow, gradual evolutionary change at the soul level. Most of us do this without getting dramatic about it and flipping a jeep over and flying down a cliff and killing ourselves. You can see that ALL these aspects were in motion at the time of his death. This could easily have been a powerful window of opportunity to transform his marriage.

Well, what does that mean? It meant he could stay in the marriage, made the personal, transformative changes that were necessary to keep it viable OR he could get a divorce and go on with his life without her. It certainly did not have to end in death of both individuals. Those were all free will choices he put into play. This particular case, the son was called by his mother that his father had passed away in his sleep. The mother had gone in that morning they slept in separate rooms to wake him up, and he was dead.

Saturn N. Midheaven ———N. Time is up. It will affect the son directly Midheaven. Interestingly, there was no love-loss between father and son, so when the son got the call, he was not in a state of grief then or later. The Hades in his chart was mirroring the dissolving of some THING in his life—and Saturn is certainly a symbol of the father in all our charts—or an older man be it uncle, cousin, nephew, etc.

Kronos N. Kronos can also symbolize the father, since, in Greek mythology, Kronos was the father of Saturn. Usually Kronos means a government body who has control or power with or over us like the IRS, as an example.

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Someone he loved Venus was potentially going to prison Saturn and put there by the sheriff Kronos. It represents the skeletons in the family closet and how it affects the son. It was conjunct the Nodes connections and it mean that something that was in the dark, would be manifested by either a connection to something new rebirth or a loss of a connection death. It is our subconscious, it is hidden and it is not obvious.